Brooke A. Knight is an artist and educator whose work investigates the landscape and its manifestations in technology; emergent visualities enabled by new devices; and the representation of the quotidian. Always privileging concept over format, Knight has worked with photography, video, installation, and net art.

His artwork has been shown in over 50 international and regional exhibitions, including Boston CyberArts, Fringe Exhibitions, The Danforth Museum, Eyebeam, Photographic Resources Center, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Centro Cultural de la Torriente Brau Victor Casaus, Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, Galerie fur Landschaftskunst, Art Interactive, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Mediaterra 2001, Experimenta 02, Javamuseum, The Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Art Frankfurt, The University of Maine Museum of Art, and The Amarillo Museum of Art. He was awarded a competitive commission from, and has been nominated for an Artist Research Fellowship at the Smithsonian Institution. His written work has been published in Art Journal, Frauen Kunst Wissenschaft, Sandbox, and the forthcoming volume New Visualities.

Knight’s MFA is from CalArts in 1995 in photography. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Visual and Media Arts at Emerson College, where he teaches classes in interactive media; he previously taught at the University of Maine (where he was the Associate Director of New Media), and West Texas A&M.

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