Video/Still series

The Video/Still (2011) series employs high-definition videos that look like still images. Recent technology has blurred the distinction between the equipment used to capture video and still imagery, and the best digital SLRs are also among the best HD video cameras. This series considers the shifting relationship we have with digital imagery, and looks at our perception of time in its multiple modes: photographic time, video time, the time of day, and even geologic time. While everything looks completely still, like a landscape painting of yesteryear, in fact everything moves, each within its own time.

Video/Still: Mohawk Pool from Brooke A. Knight on Vimeo.

Video/Still: Letchworth Woods from Brooke A. Knight on Vimeo.

Video/Still: Genesee River from Brooke A. Knight on Vimeo.

Video/Still: Great Salt Lake from Brooke A. Knight on Vimeo.

Video/Still: Double Arch from Brooke A. Knight on Vimeo.

The Landscape

The Landscape (2009) investigates how we choose to depict the world around us by using Creative Commons-licensed images tagged as ‘landscape’ from Flickr. The images are super-imposed on one another, very slowly shifting from one composite to the next. In some ways, all landscapes are the same – sky, horizon, and ground. We, as the viewers, create the landscape as we look at it.

The Landscape from Brooke A. Knight on Vimeo.


For the Excerpts series (2009-2011), I consciously made appealing landscape pictures. Then, like any good photographer, I cropped them to create the best, most dynamic image I could. But I am more interested in what has been cropped out than I am in what was left in.  We expect to see the mountains, the sunsets, the falls; we can picture them in our minds. This series is about absence, the ‘plucking out’ of the prime elements of the original image

Every Environment is Text-Rich #4

Every Environment is Text-Rich #4 (2003) is an interactive, web-based artwork that takes images from around the World and presents them in one frame. Viewers determine which images they would like to see layered on top of one another, but can only do so by their verbal description. They have no way of knowing what the images will look like, as the sources are live webcams, dependent on weather conditions and the time of day. Some cams change their positions, so even a selection of the same sources in quick succession may not lead to a similar combined image. The work allows the viewer to see the whole world at once, live.

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Every Environment is Text-Rich #1

Every Environment is Text-Rich #1 (1999) represents an early investigation into the relationship between landscape and text. Using the then-new technology of Apple’s qtrv photo stitcher with a specialized tripod head, I attempted to play with how we ‘read’ our environment.