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Tag: Landscape

  • Video/Still series

    The Video/Still (2011) series employs high-definition videos that look like still images. Recent technology has blurred the distinction between the equipment used to capture video and still imagery, and the best digital SLRs are also among the best HD video cameras. This series considers the shifting relationship we have with digital imagery, and looks at…

  • The Landscape

    The Landscape (2009) investigates how we choose to depict the world around us by using Creative Commons-licensed images tagged as ‘landscape’ from Flickr. The images are super-imposed on one another, very slowly shifting from one composite to the next. In some ways, all landscapes are the same – sky, horizon, and ground. We, as the…

  • Excerpts

    For the Excerpts¬†series (2009-2011), I consciously made appealing landscape pictures. Then, like any good photographer, I cropped them to create the best, most dynamic image I could. But I am more interested in what has been cropped out than I am in what was left in. ¬†We expect to see the mountains, the sunsets, the…