Monuments of Edinburgh

It’s about time I add what I have been up to! Over the past couple of years, I have been the chair of the Visual and Media Arts Department at Emerson…it’s a large department with over 1800 students and 50 F/T faculty. But that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped making art.

The following album is the first in a series of series (if that makes sense) of street photos in different locations of people made to look like monuments. More to come!

 Edinburgh Monuments

The Falls

The Falls series of photographs is a look at Niagara Falls as one might not normally see it. Using the technology of the camera frame, the images make an icon — the Falls — less familiar and more abstract.

The set can be seen here

An Hour of Your Time

An Hour of Your Time (2003) is a collection of 3600 suggestions about how to use your time rather than watching the piece. The suggestions come at a frantic pace, one per second, that pass by faster than you can read. I became interested in how we ‘spend’ our time, specifically viewing art as leisure time.

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Project requires Shockwave.