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  • 15 Monuments of China

    Part of the larger “Monuments” series, this composite image was shown as part of the Krakow/Witkin Gallery exhibition for two AIDS charities.

  • Monuments of Ireland

    The second in my series of series of monuments.

  • Monuments of Edinburgh

    The following album is the first in a series of series of street photos in different locations of people made to look like monuments. The ‘Monuments” series investigates the tension between a fleeting photographic image and the permanent sculptures dotting so many public spaces that honor some unknown figure of the past. Who get honored…

  • LandEscapes Review

    Here’s a very nice interview about my Video/Still series in a web-based magazine call LandEscapes. Here’s the link: LandEscapes Review

  • Context + Marker Installation Views

    The result of a year-long investigation of the landscape in western New York State, my exhibition Context + Marker openend on October 6th, 2012 at Daemen College. It was the inaugural show in the College’s new, $5.4 million Visual and Performing Arts Center, located in the heart of the campus. I was honored by the opportunity…

  • The Falls

    The Falls series of photographs is a look at Niagara Falls as one might not normally see it. Using the technology of the camera frame, the images make an icon — the Falls — less familiar and more abstract. The set can be seen here

  • 100 Birds

    100 Birds is a meditation on the nature of birds. While investigating the landscape of the area around Buffalo, NY, I began to wonder about how birds can be detached from that ground. You can see the entire set here

  • One and Three Waters

    With a nod to Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Waters investigates the meanings of the three physical forms of water. One and Three Waters from Brooke A. Knight on Vimeo.

  • Nearsighted I-V

    The idea of something being out of focus is a byproduct of a monocular, technical vision. The lens allows us to “focus” on what’s out of focus. This suite of videos is from Western New York State. Nearsighted I-V from Brooke A. Knight on Vimeo.

  • Video/Still series

    The Video/Still (2011) series employs high-definition videos that look like still images. Recent technology has blurred the distinction between the equipment used to capture video and still imagery, and the best digital SLRs are also among the best HD video cameras. This series considers the shifting relationship we have with digital imagery, and looks at…

  • The Landscape

    The Landscape (2009) investigates how we choose to depict the world around us by using Creative Commons-licensed images tagged as ‘landscape’ from Flickr. The images are super-imposed on one another, very slowly shifting from one composite to the next. In some ways, all landscapes are the same – sky, horizon, and ground. We, as the…

  • Excerpts

    For the Excerpts series (2009-2011), I consciously made appealing landscape pictures. Then, like any good photographer, I cropped them to create the best, most dynamic image I could. But I am more interested in what has been cropped out than I am in what was left in.  We expect to see the mountains, the sunsets, the…

  • Up/Down

    Up/Down (2005) is a series of diptychs based on the confluenece of latitude and longitude minutes in Boston, which form a nice rectangle around downtown. Precise points were determined by a handheld GPS receiver. The top image is of the sky above that point; the bottom is a rubbing of the ground. What are these…

  • Screenshots

    An early experiment in cell phone photography, Screenshots (2004) pushes the limit of the legibility of the image. Shot through a window screen, the low-resoluton images depict the Boston street outside the restaurant where these images were taken.

  • Command-Control

    Command-Control (2002) combined my interest in both webcams and our notions of labor. Determining the exchange value of actions done – none of which has a product beyond the video of the action – brings into question how we engage in ‘work’ in a scopophilic society. The video below is from a performance during the…

  • Every Environment is Text-Rich #2

    Rather than literally write on to an environment (as in EEITR1), I decided to use the motion of the camera as the vehicle for ecriture for Every Environment is Text-Rich #2 (2000); in other words, using a hand-held video camera as a kind of pen, I ‘wrote’ the words ‘Every Envirmenment is Text-Rich’ over scenes…

  • My America

    My America (2001) is a short video (completed before 9/11) that plays on what I percieve to be the reliance on symbols over substance in defining ‘America’. The piece was created at the height of the Napster trial, and asks how the concept of ‘the land of the free’ can be trademarked. All of the…