Command-Control (2002) combined my interest in both webcams and our notions of labor. Determining the exchange value of actions done – none of which has a product beyond the video of the action – brings into question how we engage in ‘work’ in a scopophilic society. The video below is from a performance during the 2002 College Art Associaton Conference.

Command-Control from Brooke A. Knight on Vimeo.

Every Environment is Text-Rich #2

Rather than literally write on to an environment (as in EEITR1), I decided to use the motion of the camera as the vehicle for ecriture for Every Environment is Text-Rich #2 (2000); in other words, using a hand-held video camera as a kind of pen, I ‘wrote’ the words ‘Every Envirmenment is Text-Rich’ over scenes in New York City.

Every Environment is Text Rich #2 from Brooke A. Knight on Vimeo.

My America

My America (2001) is a short video (completed before 9/11) that plays on what I percieve to be the reliance on symbols over substance in defining ‘America’. The piece was created at the height of the Napster trial, and asks how the concept of ‘the land of the free’ can be trademarked. All of the images come from Corbis, and the soundtrack is Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless the USA’.

My America from Brooke A. Knight on Vimeo.